VIP Tanning

The Luxura VEGAZ is superb in both design and dimensions! Every single detail of this premium product is well considered, newly designed and perfectly amplifies the other details.

Innovative light technology, breathtaking design and sensational quality, that is VEGAZ. Technical development resulted in an amazing energy efficiency. Smart innovations upgraded the well appreciated features, such as SoundAround with Bluetooth, Climate Control and IP Control 2. VEGAZ is MEGA, by maximum in terms of size, as well by maximum performance.

Enjoy pure comfort with ContourPlus; a comfortable and ergonomically shaped acrylic sheet perfectly supports the entire body while tanning.

Pump up the volume with SoundAround Plus! Go for ultimate relaxation during the tanning session with great surround music. SoundAround Plus offers four external audio channels that can be connected at the entrepreneur’s discretion. This feature also includes standard SmartVoice, Bluetooth, four speakers, a subwoofer and two pre-programmed SD cards that contain two extra internal music channels, with relax, energetic or own pre-programmed music.

SmartVoice is part of the SoundAround plus feature and contains a friendly voice that guides the sun lover through the different options and functions of the sunbed. SmartVoice is available in several languages.

Specifically designed for a maximum performance increase in the light spectrum; the Luxura VEGAZ UV-LED tanning booster takes facial tanning to a completely new level. The result is an immediately visible and improved tanning effect. Through a unique reflector housing, the LED light is distributed evenly and optimally over the face. An additional advantage; thanks to the strong combination of LEDs and the high-pressure facial tanner, the output of the facial tanner remains the same throughout its lifetime.

The VEGAZ shoulder tanner offers the solution for every challenge, even for those parts of the body that are more difficult to tan. The integrated shoulder tanner, together with the new highlight of VEGAZ, the neck reflector, guarantees the perfect tanning result in the neck and shoulder area.

With the Climate Control option you can easily set the desired temperature for a wonderfully comfortable tanning session. 

A special filter for the SLi facial tanner. An intense tanning result is guaranteed with the HPS filter. The filter is developed to transmit the most effective combination of UVA, UVB and infrared light. This strong combination ensures an intense tan and immediate results.

Qsens is part of Luxura’s delicious wellness features and is naturally refreshing. A fine water mist is spread over the face and body, if desired on an interval basis, for sensational cooling during the tanning session. This feature is easily turned on and off during the tanning session via the control panel.

Xsens is part of Luxura’s delicious wellness features. For a complete wellness experience you can enjoy a delicious scent while sunbathing with Xsens. The user selects a scent at the start of the session via the control panel, but can easily switch during tanning if desired. Available in Ocean, Blossom and Sandalwood fragrances.


The 120 LEDs in the VEGAZ UV-LED Tanning Booster realize an immediately visible and better tanning effect and thanks to a unique reflector housing, the LED light is optimally spread over the face.


With the unique IP Control 2 system, each lamp can be adjusted individually; lamps further away from the body are given more power to compensate for the distance from the body.


An optimal balance of UVA and UVB results in intense pigmentation. Combined with the red lamps, the PREMIUM lamps create excellent tanning results, with a touch of skin care.