With our top specification LUXURA X10 lay-down sunbeds you will enjoy loads of fantastic features such as the adjustable facial tanners, airconditioning, refreshing water mist with the Xsens aroma system, voice guidance and MP3/smartphone connectivity. All our lay-down beds are also fitted with XL tubes to ensure an even, all-over tan.

With our MEGASUN 5600 lay-down sunbeds you will enjoy added extras, such as the 4 built-in facial tanners and an adjustable fan to provide you with a comfortable breeze. All our lay-down beds are also fitted with the new revolutionary MEGASUN P2 tubes delivering extra UVB for added Vitamin D for essential bio-positive effects to gain the perfect tan.

For those that enjoy vertical tanning, our megaSun SPACE 2000, or Luxura V8 stand-up tanner swill be perfect for you. The integrated exhaust air system ensures a quiet and relaxing tanning session.

The megaSun SPACE 2000 also features

  • Body Fan control for your optimum temperature while tanning
  • Aqua cool
  • Aroma Mists
  • High-quality sound system: perfect to Bluetooth your own tunes while tanning, whether it’s the sound of a tropical beach, or you want to dance to the latest tracks.

Stand-up tanning is often overlooked, however, it’s highly important for your tanning journey and results.

A stand-up bed will ensure you get an even all-over tan, whereas on a lay-down bed, you may get some white patches where parts of your skin haven’t oxidised.⁠ Using a stand-up every other tanning session or continuously will eliminate these patches, and the constant airflow ensures that all areas of your skin are oxidised, and you get an even and quicker tanning process.⁠

Stand up for your tan!