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Beautiful Spray Tans from Beau Bronzage - vegan, organic DHA that's cruelty-free
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Why you should use an extender cream
Skip the queue when you buy a tanning bundle and book your bed online
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Beautiful spray tans from Beau Bronzage - vegan, organic and cruelty-free
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The Luxura VEGAZ is superb in both design and dimensions! Every single detail of this premium product is well considered, newly designed and perfectly amplifies the other details. Innovative light technology, breathtaking design and sensational quality, that is VEGAZ. Technical development resulted in an amazing energy efficiency. Smart innovations upgraded the well appreciated features, such as SoundAround with Bluetooth, Climate Control and IP Control 2. VEGAZ is MEGA, by maximum in terms of size, as well by maximum performance.


With our top specification LUXURA X10 lay-down sunbeds you will enjoy loads of fantastic features such as the adjustable facial tanners, airconditioning, refreshing water mist with the Xsens aroma system, voice guidance and MP3/smartphone connectivity. All our lay-down beds are also fitted with XL tubes to ensure an even, all-over tan.


With our MEGASUN 5600 lay-down sunbeds you will enjoy added extras, such as the 4 built-in facial tanners and an adjustable fan to provide you with a comfortable breeze. All our lay-down beds are also fitted with the new revolutionary MEGASUN P2 tubes delivering extra UVB for added Vitamin D for essential bio-positive effects to gain the perfect tan.


For those that enjoy vertical tanning, our LUXURA V8 stand up tanner will be perfect for you. This state-of-the-art booth also has many of the outstanding features of our lay-down beds such as the water mist and music connectivity.
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You only have one set of eyes, protect them!

How do you think you are reading this? As the UV is in close proximity to your body and face, using eye protection on a sunbed is something The Tanning Room say is a must, otherwise you may suffer UV damage. The eye protection must be specifically designed for indoor tanning, a pair of Ray Bans will not protect you correctly. Goggles start from 50p in salon and tend to be considerably cheaper than Ray Bans too!

If you are already a customer of ours, please ask one of our tanning professionals in salon for further help and advise on any questions you may have or any recommendations you have been given. If you are a new customer with us, please visit the salon for your induction with one of our tanning professionals. Please also find a link attached to our responsible tanning guide for more help and advice.

Call your salon for any other questions or to book your induction slot, or create an account online and book online