Professional Spray Tanning


Get a bronzed Australian glow with a Bondi Sands Professional spray tan. Inspired by Australia’s most well-known beach, the quality formulas are infused with the scent of coconut and enriched with aloe vera to give you a long-lasting tan that hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Available in a range of shades to suit different skin tones, our Professional Spray Tan Solutions are touch dry in seconds and can be washed off in just 2 hours.

Our professional spray tanning gives an instant sun-kissed colour without any risks to UV sensitive skin and develops into a long lasting sunless fake tan by combining naturally derived tanning agents.

Following our pre and post tanning guides will help ensure that you’ll be left with a natural sun-kissed look and long lasting results.

Our self tanning products have fast become the choice of beauty experts and celebrities alike. So if you want to fashion a tan like Emma Willis, David Gandy or a star from ‘Made in Chelsea’ then get booked in for a professional Tanning Room Spray Tan today.

Talk to the spray tan technician or salon before your appointment. They have experience in all the spray tans offered and can recommend a formula based on your skin tone and desired outcome.

Bondi Sands offers four shades of Salon Solution to suit a variety of skin types and tones, and are enriched with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera to keep your tan long-lasting. Each solution can be washed off after two hours of wear, and are available in shades Light/Medium, Dark, Ultra Dark and Liquid Gold to suit any bride.

Absolutely! A patch test is essential. It will make sure there are no adverse reactions to the spray tan. The Bondai Sands formulas are all hypo-allergenic but we always recommend a test before hand. 

After you’ve done your patch test, you’ll need to book your final appointment.

We recommend getting your spray tan 2 – 3 days before the event you’re going to. It’s definitely best to avoid the evening before as the tan will continue to develop for 24-48 hours, so will need some time for the full result to appear.

Salon Solutions are best applied to even-textured, clean skin, so you’ll need to ensure you exfoliate and shave/wax well before your appointment. For the best tan, we would recommend doing so at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment, and not immediately beforehand. Pick up a Scrub or Exfoliating Mitt, and gently rub over your whole body, especially typically dry areas like your elbows, knees and ankles.

After exfoliating, we do recommend moisturising, and as with exfoliation, just not on the day of your spray tan. It’s best not to wear any lotions, deodorant, perfume, or makeup to your appointment as this may affect the even application of your tan, however, a very small amount of moisturiser on elbows, knees, hands, and feet can act as a barrier if desired to prevent build up in those areas.

You’ll want your face to be as tanned as your body, so for that reason, Salon Solutions can be applied to the face. However, some may find their skin too sensitive, in which case you can ask to skip the face. 

You should be very careful immediately after your spray tan as the formula is developing on your skin. Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid activities with water or liquids that may cause disaster, like doing the dishes, a workout or getting caught in the rain. Don’t worry too much if the guide colour/bronzer starts to wear off after a few hours, there will still be solution on your skin deepening the colour.

Once you’ve washed off your spray tan after the recommended amount of time, ensure to moisturise with a tan friendly moisturiser. 

Ensure your skin is hydrated both inside and out by drinking plenty of water and applying a layer of moisturiser. 

No, it shouldn’t stain your outfit especially if you’ve had your spray tan a few days before your event and you have showered at least twice, no bronzer should be left on the skin. If you do get any tan on your outfit, it should come out at the dry cleaners.

Ultra Dark

Experience the next level in tanning with Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Professional Spray Tan Solution. Enriched with aloe vera, infused with the fresh scent of coconut and may be washed off 2 hours after application.

Suitable For: Those with dark complexion and experienced tanners looking for the darkest tan.


Bondi Sands fast drying Professional Spray Tan Solution is enriched with aloe vera, infused with the fresh scent of coconut and may be washed off 2 hours after application.

Suitable For: Those with a light-medium complexion and first time tanners.


Bondi Sands fast drying Professional Spray Tan Solution is enriched with aloe vera, infused with the fresh scent of coconut and may be washed off 2 hours after application.

Suitable For: Those with an olive complexion or those who prefer a darker glow.


With Bondi Sands Liquid Gold your skin will feel hydrated while developing into a golden glow that is touch dry in seconds.

Suitable For: Most skin tones.

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Don’t have time to gradually build your tan through regular UV rays? Then a spray tan supplied by our industry leading products is the solution for you. In as little as 10 minutes, you can have a new, even spray-on tan from our trained professionals.

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