Collagen Light Therapy

3 in 1 effect with unbeatable benefits and all natural – that is a Collarium®.

Stimulates the skin’s own production of collagen. The complexion improves, lines and wrinkles are reduced.

For a radiant complexion and a gentle tan.

For health, vitality and mobility.

Before you start your 15 minute session, just place the advanced sensor on your skin, to measure your personal level of melanin and determine your skin type, to provide the optimum level of UV for your individual tan.

Stay young with Collagen!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is an important part of our connective tissue, which is also called the “network” of the body. Collagen consists of form-giving and elasticity-providing fibres that have a significant impact on the strength of our connective tissue.


Over the years, our skin naturally loses elasticity and often tends to produce dry, scaly spots or other types of blemishes, which make the complexion look pale and cause minor wrinkles to appear more distinct. Thanks to the unique combination of the soothing power of light and the specially designed collagen plus tubes, the Collarium® is able to positively stimulate the body’s collagen production, giving skin back what it has lost over the years.

The main benefits:

  • Anti-ageing effect for your skin. The oxygen absorption and the regeneration of the skin are improved, and your collagen network is strengthened, leading to a “remodeling” of already pronounced skin structures (lines and wrinkles).
  • Wound healing through a positive influence on the skin cells and regeneration of healthy skin.
  • Improvement of muscular, skeletal and joint health through the stimulation of collagen production and influence on the joint cartilage.

Among others, these anti-ageing effects were confirmed by two observational studies (hospital Piano, Switzerland and Dr. Ferenc Gódor, dermatologist, Hungary) as well as by Professor Sommer, University Ulm (Germany).

Vitamin D

Why not benefit from the healing power of the sun in the form of UVB light on the Collarium® as well? During the alternative UV tanning session the body produces the “sunshine vitamin” D3, which is essential for both physical and mental health and well-being.

Vitamin D regulates the body’s calcium level and strengthens the bones. A sufficient level of vitamin D has a supportive effect on the entire immune system and helps to prevent many diseases. For example, it lowers the risk of breast and prostate cancer, the risk of heart attacks, strokes and vascular diseases and it can help to overcome insomnia and inner unrest.