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Aside from achieving beautifully tanned skin on the outside, tanning has many other benefits. Exposure to ultraviolet light in controlled quantities is the best way for your body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential ingredient in the prevention of ailments such as bone disease and psoriasis. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium for strong bones and a healthy immune system! Exposure even helps in the prevention of colon or breast cancer…and a base tans helps to prevent accidental sunburn! People who are exposed to more hours of sunlight have shown to be happier and healthier.
In the privacy of an indoor tanning room, most people choose to tan nude in order to prevent tan lines. Remember, skin that is not regularly exposed to UV light will be more sensitive, and you may need to build a tan slowly in these areas of your body. Expose these areas to less than half the tanning time of the rest of your body by covering them up during your tanning session. Some people choose to wear the swimsuit they would wear at the beach. This is fine too, but make sure the suit is free of any metal that could scratch your skin or the bed.
Moisturised skin tans better, more quickly, and more evenly. Indoor tanning lotions containing accelerators and/or bronzers help you to get the most out of each tanning session by boosting your tan and preparing your skin each time. If you are looking to jumpstart your tan, try an accelerator. Whereas bronzers give you a little boost of colour to help you achieve your results even faster. There are many different lotions available for you to use. Talk to one of our tanning professionals to find the perfect lotion for you.
No. Outdoor tanning oils or lotions usually contain a SPF ingredient that will inhibit your tan. They also contain ingredients that will cause a film on the acrylic while you tan, blocking rays from getting to your skin. There is no need for an SPF while indoor tanning because it is a controlled environment. Your tanning professionals will assist you with setting the right tanning times to prevent over exposure.
You need to moisturise! Use a high quality moisturiser made for post-tanning to keep skin supple and soft. Your skin is always rejuvenating itself by shedding old top layer skin to expose new skin underneath. Dry skin sheds faster and takes your tan with it. Dry skin also reflects light rather than absorbing, which not only hinders your tanning process, but makes you look less tan than you are.
The Tanning Room wil only allow you to tan once per day and highly recommend a 24-hour period before you tan again (if there is no redness from the prior tan).
Frequent tanning may help to fade a tattoo, and we recommend covering completely a newly applied tattoo for the first 2-3 months after getting it. After that you can use a SPF 30 or higher on the area to shield it from the UV exposure and prevent any fading.
You must be eighteen years of age or older to tan.
The area around your eyes does not tan and needs complete protection from the UV exposure you get. Exposed eyes can lead to cataracts, bad night vision, loss of colour perception, macular degeneration, and pterygium (tissue buildup caused by frequent irritation of the outer eye tissue). You MUST wear approved eye-wear, obtainable at the salon, every time you tan. We even have a one time use disposable pair for if you forget to bring yours.
You must consult your doctor regarding tanning while pregnant. There is no danger from UV exposure (it does not penetrate past the surface of your skin); however pregnant women are advised to be careful with the use of saunas, hot tubs and other activities that can cause excessive heat to build up in the uterus. It may be better to tan in the units that are the coolest and have not been used frequently before you.
Some photo-sensitising medications can cause you to become less tolerant of UV exposure, greatly increasing your risk of over-exposing. Many medications warn of any indoor or outdoor tanning when you use them. Please consult your doctor any time you are starting a new medication, asking them about it photosensitive side effects.
Photo-therapy, using exposure of UV light as a treatment, has been used in the treatment of skin problems such as acne and excema. You should consult your doctor or dermatologist before tanning as skin therapy. Many medications used to treat both acne and excema renders the skin ultra-sensitive to UV light, so be cautious if medicated when you tan.
Light therapy is now frequently used to successfully treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Studies have shown that some people need more light exposure in order to function properly and lead a satisfying life. Light exposure causes the brain to suppress the release of the hormone melatonin, which acts as a depressant in the body if produced during the day.
You may have reached a tanning plateau. Everyone has a limit to how dark they can get, but to try to get past your current colour we recommend switching the types of beds you use every few tanning sessions. Higher UVB exposure may be needed for someone who always tans in a lower UVB bed to get their skin to actively produce more melanin (UVB is the ray that does this). The reverse may be true for someone who is always tanning in the higher UVB beds. They may need the extra boost of bronzing. Changing your lotion is also recommended – try a bronzer or switch to an accelerator.
Sometimes you may need to use a different bed to stay even and without lines. We offer a standup option that will allow you to tan some trouble spots (underarms, shoulders, etc) more evenly. We also recommend using different equipment (even lay down) occasionally to stay even. If you enjoy relaxing in the lay-downs, try tanning with your arms above your head to even out the underarm whiteness that can appear.

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